Summer Festival 2017

Summer Festival 2017

LifeStream Europe Summer Festival 2017


(1Peter 1:3-6, Psalm 65:5, Romans 15:12-13, Colossians 1:27, Matthew 12:21)

Encounter God in heartfelt worship – Learn through his Word and from his Spirit – Be healed and transformed in body, mind and spirit – Get equipped to serve him in new ways – Gain fresh vision from what he is doing elsewhere in the world – Be part of something that’s focused on Internationals in Europe – Become more fit for the purpose of witnessing to Jesus in Europe – Worship, Teaching and Prayer with a full program for each age group and afternoons free.

WHY SUMMER FESTIVALS? Christian festivals give Christians an opportunity to grow in God over several days. Our Summer festivals give us a chance to relate with other English speaking Christians, hear relevant teaching and be encouraged and equipped for witnessing to Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit in the particular place where God has put us in Europe.


“Gave me a greater desire to take the church outside of the building”    K.B. (France)

“Useful practical tips on e.g. how to pray for others”     E.S. (Netherlands)

“My Husband is finally convinced of Jesus & Christianity”      H.F. (Belgium)

“At Launchpad my 7yr old was happy and loved the songs and talked about praying and listening to God”     D.H. (Netherlands)

“Blessed by the community and time to talk about Jesus and life to members of our church and Christians from across Europe”   A.R. (Netherlands)

“God was doing awesome stuff, like always, really life changing!!! There weren’t really any highlights, it was just one big highlight all together”  (Youth)



PLASTIC SAVING FOR MEALS If you are ordering our excellent meals this year or getting them as team members please note that in order to save plastic we encourage everyone to provide their own utensils, plates, cups and, if you wish, named tea towel and bag. After every meal bowls will be provided for washing your own dishes outside the dining tent. If you want you may purchase a bag containing a tea towel, plates, cup, and cutlery for €7.50 at registration which you can name and hang on the hooks provided at the dining tent.

YOUNG ADULTS’ FELLOWSHIP for those between 18 and 30 years