Practical Info

Practical Info


We hope that our behaviour will be part of our witness to all those who share the de Brink site and the staff there.  Please keep in mind how you can bless others who do not know our Lord Jesus.

A map of the festival venue will be found  here 

Arrival – delegates: For the conference you may arrive from 1.30 pm on Sunday 29th July. Upon arrival please follow the signs on the road. You may drive to the entrance of your camping site or the building where your bunk is and unpack before taking your car back to the car park alongside the roadway. It will be necessary to use a pull along Trailer to transport your gear from there to your camping site. Then go to registration in the Zonnedauw building to get your name badge.

Arrival – extra holiday bookings: If you have booked a holiday break at the campsite before the conference starts you may arrive from Saturday 28th after 9am. You must pick up your name badge from Registration after 1:30pm on Sunday 29th.

Arrival – service teams: If you are serving on a Service Team you will be able to arrive on Saturday 28th July.

Alcohol Please be responsible with alcohol. Strictly no drinking of alcoholic drinks by those under 18.

Bookshop: This year there will be a full bookshop and some speakers may have books to sell alongside the mission stands lining the main tent.

Bunk beds: Mattress and pillow are provided. You must supply your own bedding including an under-sheet and pillowcase even if you have a sleeping bag. You will be charged for an under-sheet and pillowcase if you don’t have them. Bunk rooms are out-of-bounds for anyone who is not assigned to that room. You are responsible for keeping your own rooms and sanitary facilities clean and for ensuring that they are clean when you leave.

Camp-site: The De Brink site is a Scouting run youth camping complex near a Nature Reserve.  The site may have other groups present so please be considerate. We are using 5 camping areas (5,6,7,8,10) and the central ‘field’ for our Tent Venues and camping. Those camping will be allocated to one of 3 ‘Villages’ on the site or to the bunk rooms village with a village host to help you settle in. There is little outdoor lighting. Electricity is not available outside the main buildings (e.g. for shavers and hair-dryers).  You will need to wear suitable shoes/boots and carry torches at night. The campsite is bounded by public roads on all sides and the road is open to the forest so please make sure you know where your children are. The roads and beyond are ‘out-of-bounds’ for all children unless they are accompanied by their parents.

Car Parking: The access parks for the camping areas are limited. Once unloaded, you must move your car to the car parks by the roadways, under the direction of the stewards. A disabled car parking area is available in a carpark near the main tent for those unable to walk from the further away car parks during the conference.

Children’s Safety: Except during the sessions (0900-1215, 1845-2030), please ensure that all your children under 14 are with you or in the care of another trusted adult or responsible person over the age of 16. There is access direct from the conference site to woods and to roads some distance away so you must ensure your younger children are safe at all times. LifeStream Europe is not responsible for your children outside of the programme areas and times.

Cycling: The site is flat and compact so a bicycle is not needed on the site. There are some lovely cycle routes in the area which you may like to explore on your free afternoons.

Departure: We need to ask for your co-operation in leaving promptly to enable the site to be cleared. Participants will need to have cleaned and left bunk rooms by 4 pm and the site by 5 pm on Friday 3rd unless they have booked an extra night; clear-up team may stay on site for as long as they have booked (up to 4th 4pm).

During Sessions with Younger Children: Children 0-1 have creche for just one morning session and children 2-5 have just morning programmes. If they are very quiet they may be with their parents at the rear of the adult tent.

Fire: Every camping area is equipped with a bucket of water. Please don’t let your children empty this. Please ensure you also have water available by any cooking equipment. If you are sleeping in one of the buildings, please make sure you know your escape route(s).

Food: Most delegates will bring supplies with them and self-cater by their tents or order meals from the catering team. The café will have cold food and drinks.  There are supermarkets in local towns which will be indicated. For directions see the notice-board at Information. If you are a team member qualifying for meals or you have ordered meals then they will be served in the dining tent at the times indicated. Only those with correct identification will be able to enter the dining queue. More information about food can be found here.

Crockery and cutlery for Meals: If you are ordering our excellent meals this year or getting them as team members please note that this year we will have plastic ones available for those who don’t bring their own.  We ask you to bring your own if you can to save our environment. We’ll have bags with plates and cutlery and a tea towel available for sale at registration if you wish to purchase these. Bowls for washing up your own plates will be available at the end of the dining room after each meal.

Cups for Café: In order to save on paper cups we ask you to bring your own cups if you can for your coffee/tea/hot chocolate purchases from the café.

Freezer Blocks: If you bring freezer blocks to keep your food cool you can exchange these for the same volume of frozen ones in the Stewards area by the kitchen between 4:30 and 5 pm. You won’t get the same ones back at the end of the week.

Medical/Emergencies: Contact Information in the main building.  Please ensure that you bring sufficient supplies of any regular medication and basic ‘first-aid’ supplies (plasters, paracetamol, insect repellant)

Mobile phone reception is weak over the whole site. Stewards are using public band walkie-talkies – if your family uses these too please come to Information and arrange a band which you can use so as not to interfere with emergency communication.

Name Badges: Available from Registration on arrival day by the Stewards area. You can buy a LifeStream lanyard for €1 there. Please wear your name badge where it can be seen at all times and when leaving and entering the site. Name badges will be checked upon entry to every venue. If you lose it go to Information and get another for €2. If you find one take it to Information.

Night Time Quiet: In the camping areas please be as quiet as you can after 9 pm. There are socialising areas around the café. All delegates are requested to return to their camp-site by 11 pm and to please be quiet after 10pm so that others can sleep. We would be grateful if parents/guardians could help in reminding children of this curfew.

Pets: There are no pets allowed on site except aid/guide dogs.

Prayer Room: The prayer room is available 24-7 and is accessed through a door and stairs from the Stewards/Information area. It is directly above the Launchpad room. Please be quiet when you come and go and be sensitive to others using the space when you are there.

Registration: On Sunday collect your name badge from the registration area by Information in the main building as soon as you can after arrival. Other days the registration desk will be open in the main tent before the morning and evening programmes.

Roadways: The roads surrounding the site are public roads so expect occasional traffic.

Rubbish: Please see the illustration sheet by the rubbish collection areas.  It is very important to separate items correctly into the categories shown. There should be a collection point near your campsite where the individual categories will each have labelled bags. De Brink requires us to separate all recyclables and the stewards need to be able to deliver each category to separate places. Please do not leave any large items at the rubbish collection point especially at the end of the conference.

Safety/Security: Although every effort is made, it is not possible to make the site completely secure. The site is partially unfenced. Please take all sensible precautions for the security of your property and safety of your family, especially near the woods and roads. LifeStream Europe cannot take responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged property. Please have your own insurance to cover yourself and third-party damage.

LifeStream Europe reserves the right to require anyone to leave if they cause harm to another person or damage any property.

Self Catering Kitchens A self-catering kitchen is available in the Blokhut – accessed through the back door – not through Stepping Stones. Please be sensitive to the Stepping Stones room which is in the neighbouring room and the Leaders meeting room that you need to walk through to get there. You may eat meals in the Leaders meeting room if necessary as there will be no scheduled meetings at meal times.

Setting up Camp: Please consult with those already in your camping site or your village host on arrival and discuss your plans with them before setting up. Keep a sensible distance from other tents and tent ropes. There is plenty of room. The stewards will check if you have placed your tents too close and if so, may ask you to move.

Showers & Toilets: These are provided within reach of the campsites and many more within the bunk room building – Zonnedauw. Please stagger times when you shower to avoid long queues.

Ticks: At this time of the year it is possible to pick up ticks which can carry Lyme disease if you brush against foliage. Please check yourself and your children daily. More information about this is available at Information.

Water Supply for Campers: There are taps at water points marked on the map. Please use these for collecting your drinking water. Washing water and toilet cassettes can be emptied carefully in the toilets.

What to bring – a few essentials

  • Bedding, (including under-sheet and pillowcase if you are in a bunk room).
  • Towel and toiletries
  • Coats or umbrellas in case it rains
  • Torch for moving over the rough ground at night
  • Bible, pen and paper
  • Sunscreen and insect repellant, basic first aid supplies and any medication you need
  • Cash for books, takeaway food/drinks, offering on Thursday