Prices and Terms

Prices and Terms


Payments include entry to all venues (subject to capacity), use of facilities and a camping pitch. There is no discount for staying off site. Fees are determined by age (as at 1.08.18) and must be received in full by the payment deadlines (according to the table below) in order to qualify for discounts. Prices have been slightly reduced for this year. We want to encourage people to attend but expect that donations will also be needed to cover our full costs.

Full 5 Day Tickets (Sunday 6 pm – Friday 4 pm)

 Age at 1.08.2018 Early Bird (before April 1st) Standard Registration  Late Registration (after July 1st)   
0-1 years if in Creche €35 €40 €45
2-3 years if in Creche €50 €55 €60
4-5 years €65 €75 €85
6-10 years €75 €85 €95
11-18 years €110 €120 €130
Adults €135 €150 €165
 Family maximum* €450 €500 €550

* A family is 2 adults and 2 or more related children in their care.

Tickets per day (for 2-4 days) are one fifth of the above rates times the number of days.

Discounts: a free day (20%) on full 5 day bookings 
For those attending for the first time and booking before April 1st
For those in full time church leadership or missionary work, for your whole family

Payment Instalment Plan

If you book before the end of March we can arrange for you to pay in monthly instalments (finishing before June). Please email your details to if you want to do this.


‘Taste and See’ Day, Morning only or Evening Tickets

Enjoy a full day on site. Arrive from 8:30 am and leave by 11 pm. Alternatively a morning only ticket enables entry to the morning programme from 8:30am -1pm. An evening only ticket enables entry to the site from 6pm.

  • Adults – Day €20, Morning only €15, Evening €10
  • Students/unemployed, 6-18 years  – Day €15, Morning only €10, Evening €5
  • 2-5 years – Morning €10,
  • 0-1 years – Half Morning €5
  • Family Maximum ‘Taste and See’ Day ticket €65.


Non-Participant Tickets

If your spouse or another adult relative or friend would like to camp with you but does not want to participate in the programme they may stay onsite with you for just €10 per night. This may be a relaxing option for your non-Christian spouse to enjoy some holiday time with the family and also some quiet reading or local fitness activities.

Extra costs for Bunks in rooms with bunk beds with shared facilities.

Own bedding and towels required – more information here

  • 3 years to Adult – €17 per night
  • 0-1 years – €0
Cost for extra camping nights
  • Camping – €7 per person per night
Cost for meals (more info about food here)

It will be possible for delegates and volunteer team who don’t qualify for meals to purchase meals in advance for the full week (from Dinner Sunday until Lunch Friday). All who are on the set-up and knockdown teams will also get free meals during those set-up and knockdown times. All meals must be ordered and paid for by 20 July.

Costs for adults (children 2-8 years in brackets):

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1 day – €10(6)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 days (Sunday dinner – Friday lunch – €50(30)
  • Individual breakfast – €2(1), individual lunch – €3(2), individual dinner – €6(4)

Those who serve on children’s, youth or service teams will only pay half the festival price appropriate for their date of payment. Those who serve on the volunteer teams pay the full prices according to the payment dates above (see the teams page for more information about these teams)
Some festival attendees may not be able to afford their full festival fees. Donations are invited for a ‘Grace’ pot to help pay the fees for those attendees with a preference given for those who want to serve on a team. Please add this donation to your payment. If you are struggling to afford to come please email us using the contact form here.
If you are not able to come yourself but would like to sponsor someone to attend please email us using the contact form here



  1. Full fees must be received by 1 July 2018 or after 1 July within 3 days of the invoice being emailed at the latest for a reservation to be made.
  2. All cancellations incur an administration fee of €25 per fee-paying delegate. Cancellations must be received in writing (email) by 1 July 2018 otherwise full fees will be forfeited.
  3. Delegate places can only be substituted like for like (i.e. adult for adult place) when received by LifeStream Europe by email, from the booking contact, before 30 June 2018. All substitutions incur a €10 per-person administration fee.
  4. It is highly recommended that holiday insurance be taken out in case of late unforeseen circumstances.
  5. No pets are allowed on site except aid dogs.
  6. There will be official photographers on site at our summer festival. Delegates may feature in these images, which will be used for our website and magazine. If you do not wish your child to be photographed, you must submit a letter stating this to the Team Leader of their children’s group on registration.
  7. In the event of changes to the programme or speakers, we are unable to offer refunds.
  8. While LifeStream Europe will take all care to ensure that participation in the festival is safe for everyone, LifeStream Europe expects all delegates and volunteers at the festival to take full responsibility for their own property and all children in their care and accepts no liability for any damage, injury or loss. It is recommended that full insurance be taken out for all eventualities.