Sermons by Anne Coles

Sermons by Anne Coles

John and Anne Coles took over the leadership of New Wine from David and Mary Pytches in 2001. As Director of New Wine John has seen the organisation grow dramatically both in the UK and Internationally. He continues to be involved in the development of the New Wine Network of church leaders in the UK and has an increasing role representing New Wine in the wider church community.

A Legacy that Lasts

Christianity in Western Europe is a minority faith even if it’s a majority religion; it was probably always so. If there is a future and greater place for Christianity the key is in making Jesus centre-stage in our thinking, in our living, and in our speaking and in our praying.

Experiencing the Kingdom of God

If Jesus’ first sermon, last sermon, prayer model, and parables were all about the Kingdom of God then the kingdom must have high priority in our vision, study, prayer and lifestyle. Whenever Jesus advanced the kingdom of God the kingdom of the enemy retreated. I will look at what the Bible teaches about the kingdom of God, how we experience that kingdom, pray for that…

Healing for all

Every Christian is called to become more like Jesus – as well as knowing God as Father, and learning to obey Him this also includes learning to heal the sick through the empowering and gifts of the Spirit. We will look at the theology, model, and practice of Jesus; we will consider things that can hinder healing, and ways of releasing greater healing in personal ministry…


The gift of prophecy is to be eagerly desired because ‘everyone who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort.’ Learning to hear the voice of God is vital for our own assurance and direction as children of God and learning to hear God’s voice for others is vital for releasing them to become all that God has created them to be. If we…