Testimonials and Videos

Testimonials and Videos

What Festival participants from previous years had to say:

“Gave me a greater desire to take the church outside of the building”

  K.B. (France)

“Useful practical tips on e.g. how to pray for others”

E.S. (Netherlands)

“My Husband is finally convinced of Jesus & Christianity”

                                                                        H.F. (Belgium)

“At Launchpad my 7yr old was happy and loved the songs and talked about praying and listening to God”

                                                                 D.H. (Netherlands)

“Blessed by the community and time to talk about Jesus and life to members of our church and Christians from across Europe”

A.R. (Netherlands)

“God was doing awesome stuff, like always, really life changing!!! There weren’t really any highlights, it was just one big highlight all together”


“Total spiritual renewal is the best way I can describe it. From now on New Wine will be the highlight of our year.”

 B.A. (Netherlands)

“Huge privilege to see God at work through the prayer ministry again. Particularly blessed by the enthusiasm & care of the Launch Pad team & the programme for the children.”

J.R. (Switzerland)

“I have been challenged to pray about where the mission field is and what our role is in blessing and encouraging people in Mainland Europe.”

D.W. (France)

“Although I have access to wonderful teaching throughout the year I definitely appreciate the full week of teaching, seminars, worship and prayer together with others who are pursuing God in a similar direction and at a similar level.”

C.J. (Netherlands)

“Being able to worship freely, hear incredible yet relatable talks, being able to help out, having time to listen to God and get prayed for. God’s presence. (and swimming in the lake). It made me feel like I was part of something bigger, a group of people who have a heart for Europe.”

G.H. (France)

“My eldest boy didn’t want to come, and he had a fantastic time, he even said that he felt he could trust the teens he met at the camp more then his school friends.”

 K.A. (Belgium)