Leaders Networking

Leaders Networking

LifeStream Europe formed out of the meeting and networking of Church leaders and this is important in what we do as LifeStream Europe. For our next events see here.

Our networking has two distinct parts:

  • Relationships — creating an opportunity where leaders can receive mutual support and encouragement
  • Resourcing — providing appropriate tools and teaching to equip church leaders and encourage mutual sharing of what each has learnt in their own ministry

Our principle aims for networking leaders are to:

  • Gather church leaders in local network groups to receive mutual support and encouragement
  • Link like-minded leaders and churches in order to work together and share knowledge and resources
  • Provide training and resources on leadership, church life and specific ministry areas as asked for

Key Components: LifeStream DNA

While we recognise that meetings will vary from one group to another, there are certain key elements which are the hallmarks of all networking gatherings to some extent or other:

  • Prayer and worship
  • Holy Spirit ministry
  • Bible-based teaching/training
  • Mutual support and encouragement
  • Being real with one another and allowing leaders to share how things really are.