Our Vision

Our Vision


We want to join in God’s mission by ministering among Internationals* in Europe

The growing number of Internationals from around the world arriving in Europe creates new opportunities for mission, and we believe God is at work in these migrations. Among those coming to this post-Christian continent are Christian migrants who bring a richness of faith and gifting, sometimes with boldness and confident spirituality. Many others are non-Christians, but often share an openness to Christ.

We want to join in what we believe to be a movement of the Holy Spirit on this continent, and feel called to minister to and through English-speaking international Christians in Europe.

* Who are Internationals? We are people who are not only at home in the country in which we now live but we are as much (or even more) at home among people who have come from other countries around the world.

We want to see Internationals living out the Kingdom of God

Our vision is to see international Christians living out the Kingdom of God, proclaiming and demonstrating the wholeness of God’s coming reign in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We desire to see multi-ethnic communities drawn deeply into the love of God and engaging in God’s mission within their international contexts, bearing witness in word and deed to God’s promise of healing for the nations and wholeness for all creation.


Therefore, our mission is to encourage, empower and equip international Christians and their churches

  • to live as multi-cultural communities that express God’s Kingdom of all tribes and nations, and
  • to engage in God’s mission in their international contexts, proclaiming the already present and yet coming Kingdom of God in the power of the Spirit.

We do this by

  • being a wider community of support, building relational links among international Christians, churches and organizations sharing a focus on Kingdom-shaped mission in the power of the Spirit
  • sharing testimonies of what God is doing in Europe and discerning how international Christians and churches may engage in this
  • providing training and inspiration for Christians who are bridging cultures, to stand in their faith as witnesses to Jesus Christ and the coming of the Kingdom of God
  • seeking and receiving the promised empowerment of the Spirit
  • helping international churches to strengthen Spirit-filled fellowship, ministry, and worship in a multi-cultural setting.