Camping and Bunking Information

LifeStream Conference 2021 ‘One’


  • All Festival Ticket payments include entry to appropriate venues & programmes, a camping pitch and use of facilities .

Gas cookers: Cooking for self-caterers: a charcoal BBQ is allowed unless the fire risk is extreme. Every camping area is equipped with a bucket of water. Please don’t let your children empty this. Please ensure you also have water available by any cooking equipment. 

Freezer blocks: you can exchange these for the same volume frozen blockes in the kitchen freezer between 4:30 and 5 pm. You may not get the same ones back at the end of the week.

Facilities: there is a mobile shower- and toilet block near the camping ground. Downstairs facilities in the 2 main buildings ‘Kamphuis’ and ‘Vennekens’ can be used as well.


You can order meals for the time of your stay. Team members receive meals automatically, but self-catering Team members can opt out for meals during booking.


  • Book your bunkroom separately.
  • Book your meals separately.

Note: Bunkroom facilities at Heideven are HOSTEL TYPE facilites.


  • Children 0-2 years free.
  • Child 3-19 y.o.: €20,- per night (<19’s under supervision of an adult).


1. You can book a shared family bunk room.

We will allocate the rooms as best as possible. Depending on the request for family bunkrooms, we will allocate a maximum of 4 families in a 16 persons bunk room, 3 families in a 12 persons bunk room, 2 families in a 10 persons bunk room and 2 families in an 8 persons bunk room.

2. You can book a bunk bed in a men’s room (16 persons max.) or a bunk bed in the ladies room (16 persons max).

There is no possibility to divide the room for more family privacy. We asked, but this is not allowed by the authorities.

Make sure you know your escape route(s).

BUNKING + Meals: 

You can order meals for the time of your stay. Team members receive meals automatically, but self-catering Team members can opt out for meals during booking if they self-cater or are catered for by other campers . 

More info & Prices

BUNKING & Self-catering: There is a limited option to bunk and self-cater: 2 families, sharing one kitchen together. Families with special dietary needs members are given preferences for the use of this kitchen.

Building Vennekens has a small kitchen, one 12-persons shared by 3 families max. and a bunk room and one 8 persons bunk room, shared by two families max. 

BUNKING PRACTICAL: Mattress and pillow are provided. Bring:

  • Bedding an under-sheet and pillowcase
  • Sleeping bag
  • Bedding can be provided on site, for a small amount.
  • Bunk rooms are out-of-bounds for anyone who is not assigned to that room.
  • Please keep your own rooms and sanitary facilities clean.


There is no discount for staying off site. 

CROCKERY & CUTLERY: To save the environment, please bring a (canvas) bag with your name on it, with labeled plates, cups, cutlery and a teatowel.

CUPS FOR CAFE: In order to save on paper cups we ask you to bring your own cups for your coffee/tea/hot chocolate purchases from the café.


Self catering kitchen (for 2 bunking families to share together)

Dining room

Bunkroom 1 

12 bunks in total (3 families max.)

Bunkroom 2 

8 bunks in total (2 families max.)

Shared facilities

3 toilets, 4 showers


Dining room

140 persons

Shared facilities

5 toilets, 8 showers

Bunkroom 3

16 bunks, 4 families max.)

Bunkroom 4

16 bunks, Men only


Bunkroom 5

16 bunks, ladies only


Bunkroom 6

10 bunks, 2 families max.