LSE21 Volunteer – Teams

Attending the full festival and up for a challenge? Looking for a more hands-on experience? Want to give back? There are plenty of opportunities for you to minister, find your team!

  • There are Discount Teams and Voluntary Teams
  • Leaders of Discount Teams and members receive a 40% discount on the festival price appropriate for their date of payment + free meals.
  • Leaders of a voluntary Team receive a 40% discount on the festival price appropriate for their date of payment as well + free meals
  • Leaders for The Plunge team for kids ages 4-11 do not pay any Festival, bunking or camping fees, and receive free meals.
  • Those who serve voluntary teams pay the full prices according to their date of payment
  • Set up & knock down team members receive free meals during these days.

Festival Prices & Terms | You can sign up with your booking | Contact us for more information.

Team Descriptions in alphabetical order

Bookshop helper

Voluntary Team – 1 Place available.

Help out with selling books at the bookshop. 

Cafe Team

Voluntary Team – 7 Places available.

Keeping the coffee flowing and the hordes fed.

  • Before and after each session in the adult tent there will be lots of thirsty and hungry customers. Cold food and hot and cold drinks will be sold and served on different times.  Serving them is a great opportunity to get to know other participants quickly.

Catering Team

Discount Team – 7 Places available.

Being on the catering team means that you help to prepare these meals in the kitchen.

  • Most team members eat meals prepared by the catering team. Others who are unable to cater for themselves will also be pre-ordering meals. More than 100 team members and their families will be relying on your help and enjoy your meals.


Discount Team – 4 Places available.

We all need and appreciate clean showers and toilets to keep healthy during the conference.

  • There are toilet blocks and shower blocks in the buildings and near the campsite, they need to be cleaned regularly.

Hospitality Team

Voluntary Team – 2 Places available.

The Hospitality Team role will suit someone who loves to make people welcome and can organise small gifts, speaker & leaders care, one simple lunch for our leaders, nibbles & drinks. 

Medical Team

Voluntary Team – 2 Places available.

Not only will you be able to give practical medical help and advice, but you’ll also be able to pray with each person you treat at the ‘clinic’.

  • If someone has a minor ailment they can get it seen to, at a ‘clinic’, manned by a Medical team member for half an hour in the afternoon or by going to ‘Information’ where a suitable Medical team member can be fetched. What is required is one or two qualified medical professionals to set up a first aid post in Information – equipped with first aid kits.
  • If you are registering as a first aider, then the Medical Team receives your name and number, and may request you to assist them where needed on site. You will be ‘on call’, but not required to man a post.

Prayer Ministry Team

Voluntary Team – 16 Places available.

Blessed to be a blessing.

  • Join a team that is safe and encouraging. As you pray in two’s for participants after sessions in the adult venue, mostly at the dedicated prayer ministry area, you are imparting life as the Holy Spirit speaks and works through you.
  • Team members  are invited to join the prayer before sessions in the adult venue.
  • The Prayer ministry team meets every afternoon from 4-5pm.
  • If you are new to prayer ministry: an introduction session will be given by Lis on day one of the Festival. It is required to join if you are signing up as a new Team member.

Registration Desk

Voluntary Team – 4 Places available.

Man the desk, welcome participants, sell tickets hand out name badges, give directions, sell Programme booklets and LifeStream items and meets lots of great people.

Set up & knock down Team – tents & general

Voluntary Team – Free meals – 25 Places available.

Be the first to arrive, make friends as you set up camp. Share together the satisfaction of leaving the site better than we found it. 

  • You will get meals supplied as you work. You will have to book an extra night accommodation the night prior to the conference and the night after, for themselves and their families.
  • Tents: laying down floor boards, and other tasks during tent sent up like laying the carpet tiles, knotting tent parts. Great team effort and fun.
  • Catering: prepare about 20+ simple meals and coffee breaks.
  • Cleaning and odd jobs on knock-down-day: checking the cleaning of all the buildings and doing a few last minute bits where it hasn’t been left perfect. Collecting signs and any remaining litter from the campsites.

Something Else Team 11-18s

Discount Team – 10 Places available.

Join the team that goes the deepest, and has the most fun too. See God at work transforming lives and doing radical things through His Spirit.

  • This is your chance to work with and share with other youth leaders from International churches just like yours – with all the challenges that go along with that.
  • In a camp setting with time for fellowship to grow, and God’s Spirit to soften hearts, the youth often open up to God’s work in very deep and life changing ways. The Something Else Youth Team is right there.
  • The youth have two main meetings per day. You’ll serve as small group leaders either on your own or paired up with another team member helping with activities, facilitating discussions and praying with young people. There will be:
    • Worship
    • Icebreaker and relationship building activities
    • Time to share the gospel, pray for and minister to the young people in the power of the Holy Spirit

Splash! Team 0-3s

Voluntary Team – 4 places available.

While you have fun and a God-time with the babies and preschoolers, grateful parents will be able to spend valuable time with God each morning.

  • You’ll befriend, care for and encourage the children, get alongside them in their play, pray with and for them.

Stewards Team

Discount Team – 6 Places available.

Your day could involve anything fromdirecting traffic, to setting up venues, patrolling the site or answering questions at the information desk. No one day will be the same.

  • It’s one of the most hands-on roles with a lot of interaction with team and delegates. Smiling is essential! The stewards team ensures the smooth running of the event. You’ll uphold onsite safety and security regulations and direct participants around the site.
  • Stewards work in all the venues maintaining security and helping participants. They ensure all participants are wearing their name badges and process the recycling and rubbish for our sites.

The Plunge Team 4-10s

Discount Team – 8 Places available.

Spend a week with some of the most enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet.

  • Join the Plunge Children’s Team at LifeStream this summer! We’re looking for people with a passion for Jesus and for equipping His church. You’ll be working with 4-10s (morning and evening sessions), encouraging them to discover God’s plans and purposes for them wherever He’s placed them.
  • Are you a worship leader? A sports coach? Someone who loves to listen? Someone who loves to join in with what God is doing? Get in touch with us for more information and to find out how you can serve on team.

Transport Speaker

Voluntary Team – 2 Places available.

Village Host

Voluntary Team – 8 Places available.

‘Village hosting is such a pleasure and I feel God with me. It’s such an honour and blessing to meet people when they arrive expectant’. –  former village host

  • Villages provide a ‘home’ for people throughout their time at the Summer Festival. 
  • The site will be divided into about 4 or 5 ‘villages’ – camping areas that one village host looks after. People’s experiences on their village often make or break their holiday and therefore dramatically affect their chances of meeting with God. As a Village Host you
    • welcome people to their camping village
    • give participants an idea of what’s on and when
    • will be available to answer questions about the site or programme and, if you’re able to
    • organise village activities so people can get to know each other.

All you need is a love for people, and perhaps an endless supply of tea bags!

Worship Team Music 

Discount Team – 20 Places available.

Help the participants to celebrate and respond to God’s Majesty as we encounter His intimate Presence in heartfelt worship. Let a fresh & authentic worship sound arise from our midst.

  • We value worship in every gathering and put a priority on training and equipping those who lead into worship. Skilled musicians and worship leaders can sign up.
  • There will be an intimate, more acoustic, all age worship provided in the morning opening. Skilled Teen Musicians, ages 15 and above can sign up.

Worship Team Beamer / Visual Arts Adults

Voluntary Team – 6 Places available.

A vital part of worship is the technical assistance with the beamer and recording the sessions on video. 

  • We would love to welcome you on the team. Being technical & experienced helps. Being musically & rhythmically talented helps to project the song lyrics on the screen just before we are to sing it musically.