Gathering LSE23 | Prices, Terms & Conditions

For returning attendees, you will notice that there are no early bird prices or late registration prices this year. For the 1st LSE23 Gathering after 3 fallow years, we ask a fair price from all as to bear the load together.

Do register early, so that we know who to prepare and cater for in time.

Full Event

Payments include entry to all venues & appropriate programmes, use of facilities and a camping pitch. Find prices for bunking and meals below.

Full Event Tickets & Family Tickets 

  • * A family is 2 adults and 2 or more related children (under 19) in their care. 
  • There is a maximum price set for families for day tickets and full festival tickets.
  • Fees are determined by age as at 01.08.23

Non-participant Tickets

  • If your spouse or friend would like to camp with you but does not want to participate in the programme they may stay onsite with you. for just €10,- per nightThis may be a relaxing option for your non-Christian spouse to enjoy some holiday time with the family.

Full Festival Prices LSE21

Early Bird is extended to May 17th 

Day Tickets

Day Tickets 

  • This year we only offer Full festival tickets or Day tickets. Check the Price table below for
    • early bird registration
    • standard registration or 
    • late registration
  • Fees are determined by age as at 01.08.21.
Tuesday 1st is evening only (Full day price) & Saturday 5th is morning only (Full day price).

Day Ticket Prices LSE23

Only Standard prices are applicable this year

Bunking & Camping

Bunkroom Prices

  • Children 0-2 free (LSE 23: 0-10 yrs €7 per night 11-18 yrs €12 per night per person and ages 19+ € 20 per person per night)
  • (3+ : €20,- per night (<19’s bunk under supervision of an adult).)
  • Order your meals separately unless you are being catered for by camping participants.
  • Meals must be ordered and paid for by July 12th in order for us to be able to cater for you. Provide dietery information if needed, to enable us to cater for you.

Staying off-site

  • There is no discount for staying off site.


  • LSE 23 0-18 yrs €4 per person per night)
  • Adults from 19+ yrs  €8,- per night for a camping spot (LSE23 €8)

Extra Camping nights

  • Monday July 31st and Saturday 5th to Sunday August 6th as required for some teams. The same camping prices apply.
  • Note: July 31st – August 1st is possible to book for camping only.
  • Note: these nights can be booked by team members only, or for those coming from far.


Meals from our catering team

  • Team members automatically receive free meals, but can opt out during booking if they self-cater or are being catered for by other self-catering camping participants.
  •  Order meals for the time of your stay.
  • All meals must be ordered and paid for by July 12th in order for us to be able to cater for you.
  • Provide dietary information if needed, to enable us to cater for you.

Costs per day

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1 day:
    • 0-2s: free
    • 2-8s : €8,- (LSE23:€7,50)
    • 9+ : €12,-  (LSE23: €12,50)


Free Leaders day August 4

  • Contact us for information for the free Leaders Day & Leaders Lunch on Wednesday August 4th for those in a leadership position, working full time in a church Church or Missions ministry.

Discounts for leaders (full ministry)

  • A free day on full festival bookings: for those in full time church leadership or missionary work, for your whole family.
  • A free leaders day for church leaders.

Contact us for more info.

Discounts for newcomers

  • We offer a 10% discount for all who are first time participants.

Team discounts

  • There are Discount Teams and Voluntarily Teams that you can join.
  • Discount Teams Leaders and members receive a 40% discount on the festival price appropriate for their date of payment + free meals.
  • Leaders of a voluntarily Team receive a 40% discount on the festival price appropriate for their date of payment as well + free meals.
  • Set up & knock down team members receive free meals.
  • Those who serve voluntarily teams pay the full prices according to the payment dates above (see the teams page for more information about these teams).



  • Fees are determined by age as at 22.07.23 and be received in full by the payment deadlines according to the table below, in order to qualify for discounts.

Payment Installment Plan

  • If you book before the end of March we can arrange for you to pay in monthly instalments (finishing before June). Please email your details to [email protected] if you want to do this.

Grace pot & Sponsoring

  • Some festival attendees may not be able to afford their full festival fees. Donations are invited for a ‘Grace’ pot to help pay the fees for those attendees with a preference given for those who want to serve on a team. Please add this donation to your payment.

  • If you are struggling to afford to come then please contact us.

  • If you are not able to come yourself but would like to sponsor someone to attend please email us at the above email address.