LSE23 Testimonies

From guest to a family friend in 4 days  Belgium, Oud Heverlee, August 2023

J.: ‘Maybe it took two days to know all names. But right from the start we were welcomed by beautiful persons, young and older. Expressing themselves in music, stories and caring for one another. Visiting LSE23 in Belgium for the first time was like a dive for us, a dive in deep water. Where would the Lord lead us to? Well there was time of fellowship and sharing one’s life. We recognized in the group of attendees a true hunger to know Jesus better. How precious. May the Lord guide us all as He did with His people in the dessert in the old days. A cloud by day and a lighting fire at night’.

D.: ‘We very much appreciated the well cooked dinners, the small-groups. Just to speak and listen to eachothers heart. May the Lord bless you all, in the very special times He wants to give you. That you will hear His encouragement and know His love for each one of you’