Meet Our Team

LifeStream Europe has a team of leaders incorporated into 3 teams:   
Leadership team – Operational team – Reference team

Leadership Team

For oversight and all major decisions

The current Leadership team rom left to right:

Annette Ficker and Reint den Toonder are married and they are based in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. A mathematical couple who met during their studies in Eindhoven. Annette works as Algorithm expert at Delmia Quintiq. Reint teaches mathematical subjects within the Technical Business department of Avans. They share a love for numbers and a passion for youth work. Both are active youth leaders at Lifestream Europe and at their local church (Rafael Den Bosch).

Margreeth Hidding lives in Amersfoort in the Netherlands where her job is based as well. As a consultant at TwynstraGudde however, she visits health care institutions and hospitals throughout the whole country. Furthermore, she is part of the worship team at the Doorbrekers in Barneveld and enjoys being creative. During the past years she has been part of the Something Else (youth 11-18 y.o.) team and has now joined the Leadership team organizing this year’s conference. She enjoys deep conversations and sharing knowledge about the brain.

Sandra and Johan Offereins live in Amersfoort in the Netherlands. Johan works for ING in Amsterdam and ‘works out’ by playing squash and golf. He loves to watch practically any kind of sport. Johan just joined the LifeStream foundation as secretary. Sandra is involved in worship ministry at SONmusic. She is a songwriter, plays the piano and published 2 CD’s. She loves to get creative in other ways as well. Johan & Sandra have two daughters, a son-in-law, two lovely granddaughters and are involved in an international church in Hilversum; Celebration Church Netherlands.

Jason and Jenni Pridmore 

Jason and Jenni Pridmore live in Capelle aan den IJssel in the Netherlands. Transplants from Canada to the Netherlands in 2009, Jenni is currently the chaplain at St. Mary’s Anglican and Episcopal church in Rotterdam. Involved in ministry for over 25 years, Jenni loves youth, children and intergenerational ministry. Jason is an associate professor in the department of media and communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research and teaching focuses on the changes technologies have upon everyday life. Jason and Jenni have two daughters, one in the UK studying at the University of Winchester and the other finishing her TTO (dual language) secondary programme in the Netherlands.

Barbara Noordanus is a New Zealander based in Eindhoven. She and her husband Francis pastor Trinity Church Eindhoven and are the founders of New Wine in Europe, now LifeStream Europe. Barbara also pastors All Saints Maastricht International Church. Barbara is an excellent facilitator, with years of experience in organising festivals. Francis and Barbara have a daughter, a son and a daughter-in-law and a beautiful grand daughter.

Barbara: I am Handing over
11 years ago I heard God’s call to plan and build up a summer festival like New Wine in Europe for English speaking Internationals. Over the years I have been joined in this by many other wonderful leaders who have come and gone as the Lord led them.
I now believe it is time for me to move on from that role too. I am delighted that there is a strong leadership team in place to take LifeStream Europe forward in God’s purposes. Francis and I will enjoy attending as involved participants and continue to look forward to what God will do among us. – Barbara Noordanus.    

As from now Barbara has taken on an advisory role.

Operational Team

For organising the various ministry areas

Benjamin Arthur is married to Leigh Ann and is a professional photographer. As part of the Publicity team, Benjamin has provided LifeStream with brilliant photo’s. He also is passionate about books and loves to host the book stall.

Leigh Ann Arthur is a consultant, president of the Amsterdam European Aglow chapter and heads up the stewards team. Together with her husband Benjamin she takes care of publicity within LifeStream Europe.

Julia Bell

Mike Bell

Liss Mobbs lives in Church Wood, Kent, in the U.K., is a pastoral counselor and heads up our prayer ministry team. She served in prayer ministry in various churches and at New Wine Conferences in the U.K. Lis has two sons and a daughter-in-law, and is proud grandmother of grandson Noah. Lis attends Vineyard church in Ashford.

Reference Team

For consultation and reference for the Leadership

Carolyn Jones is a New Zealander by birth and moved to the Netherlands at the age of 12. In her early twenties Carolyn became involved with the English-speaking wing of what was then known as Women’s Aglow Fellowship, serving as local chapter president and assistant-director. In 2015 Carolyn became the director of the European English Aglow, overseeing English-speaking Aglow groups on continental Europe. Her ministry flows in the multi-cultural, multi-contextual landscape of Europe’s international Christian community. Carolyn and her British husband Mark live in a new town just outside The Hague, called Zoetermeer in The Netherlands. This is where they raised their three sons. Carolyn and Mark are active members of St John and St Philip’s Anglican church of The Hague.

Francis Noordanus came from New Zealand 16 years ago to lead an International Church in Eindhoven. He has learnt much in 16 years working with Internationals. Recently on his sabbatical he studied several aspects of the context of his international church members including western secularism and the Indian subcontinent mindset. Francis is married to Barbara, they have two adult children and a daughter-in-law. In his spare time Francis likes to walk in nature or garden.

Lynn Nwagbara has dual British/Nigeria nationalities and has been a missionary in Brussels since 1991. She has been married to Timothy since 2007. Lynn is the current Executive director for African Enterprise Europe. She has travelled for ministry in nearly 20 African countries and enjoys meeting different people in their own settings.