December 25, 2020

By our love



By our love – by Margreeth Hidding.

These past few months I have been pondering on what it means to love and to be-loved. Our identity is in the One and only Who is Love. And since I bear His DNA, I guess I am Love too. But wow, if that is really true, that is quite the responsibility! Or quite the joy. It could be a matter of perspective…

Like most of you might recognize, friendships that matter started to grow deeper over Corona times and those that meant less to me seem to have drifted away even further. It made me wonder; what is at the core of all those relationships that truly matter to me?

It took me a while to figure it out, but the people that I love to be around with love me for ‘me’. They love me no matter what I’d do or say, or decide to stand for. They see me for who I am and for who I will be.
A well known song states:
 ‘They will know we are Christians by our love’ .

How will ‘they’ know though?
How will I know what true love is like?
What is ‘knowing’?

Not to get all philosophical on you, but I think it is about trust and perspective. It comes down to seeing the other person for who he or she is in God’s eyes, and choosing to trust both God and them.

We might see this as a task, a responsibility, something we have to work towards, hoping that one day we might become love-worthy. But what if instead, it is a joy?! Something we have received already when we became daughters and sons of God. And we have always been just that, from before the beginning of this world. It’s a matter of perspective.

Instead of starting new year’s resolutions, I have decided to focus on not working harder to change. I long to be rooted in being good enough. I want to surrender. Simply open my eyes to the way He sees, live from His perspective. To love the way He teaches me to love.
Will you join me?