July 27, 2019

Joy follows


If you make joy your goal it can make things…complicated. It makes a much better follower than a master – following on as the consequence of the passionate love of God. To choose it aright is to understand where it comes from. Then so many pieces of the oh-so-human puzzle fall joyfully into place.

A New Zealander by birth, Carolyn moved to the Netherlands at the age of 12. In her early twenties Carolyn became involved with the English-speaking wing of what was then known as Women’s Aglow Fellowship, serving as local chapter president and assistant-director. In 2015 Carolyn became the director of the European English Aglow, overseeing English-speaking Aglow groups on continental Europe. Her ministry flows in the multi-cultural, multi-contextual landscape of Europe’s international Christian community.

Carolyn and her British husband Mark live in a new town just outside The Hague, called Zoetermeer in The Netherlands. This is where they raised their three sons. Carolyn and Mark are active members of St John and St Philip’s Anglican church of The Hague, Carolyn is also member of the LifeStream Europe Reference team and president of European English Aglow.