August 12, 2016

Lordship & Submission – OR – Scrubbing toilets for Jesus


“Come, Lord Jesus!” How many times have you prayed this or heard this prayed? How often does the word “Lord” pass our lips in prayer, in Bible study, in public worship? And yet, do we really understand the concept of “Lordship”? What exactly does it mean when we declare “Jesus is Lord”? How do we understand the Lordship of Christ playing out in the nitty-gritty everyday details of our lives? This talk will explore what it means to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord as well as some ways to submit to that Lordship more fully each day.

Jenni is a disciple, wife, mum, writer, dreamer, and passionate reader. She attempts to garden. She loves her work as an Anglican minister because she gets to meet fascinating people, wear jeans, and talk about Jesus. Her mixed Canadian-American family has lived in the Netherlands since 2009; first in Maastricht (where Jenni and her husband were part of the Ministry Team at an international church) and now in Rotterdam (where Jenni serves as the Associate Chaplain to St. Mary’s Anglican & Episcopal Church). She has been involved with New Wine in Europe from the first conference 5 years ago, leading the Launchpad ministry to 4-10 year olds. She is now coordinator of ministry to children and youth in LifeStream Europe. Jenni enjoys chocolate cake with a cold glass of milk.