Our culture is becoming increasingly fast-paced, fragile, and furious. How can we engage with the screams of demands of modern life in a way that glorifies God and points to His Kingdom? The book of Daniël shows us how to trust in the power of God in a volatile world, and how to live faithfully in a hostile culture.
Ortwin focusses on these aspects: Europe's history very briefly. God's calling for Europe and how did Europe fulfill it? The postwar continent and the beginning of the EU. Today's problems and challenges. God's everlasting faithfulness over Europe and His present work. 'Europe shall be saved!".

Heart habits

August 1, 2018
Our discipleship relates to our inner conversation. What guides your thinking? How is our character formed? We look at Micah 6:8: justice, mercy, humility. Dave encourages us to become mini…
Before Jesus' ascension, He said to his disciples: "You will be my witnesses" (Acts 1:18). But this did not take place until God's Spirit descended, bringing to Jesus'people God's power, prompting, and presence. This changed the game, birthed the church, and made it such that others were added to their number daily. What does this look like for us in international Europe? This  session will begin an answer to that question, focusing on being led by God's Spirit in evangelism.
Jesus' mission on this earth, among other things, was to establish for himself a kingdom of people who were both resident in this world, yet strangers from it. In a time of shifting moral climates and competing stories,  how are we to understand these two aspects of our being followers of him? Indeed, who are we to be? This session opens up the Gospels, responding to Jesus' invitation to be representatives of God's coming kingdom.

The way of blessing

July 31, 2018
Learn how to pray simple prayers of blessing for people and places. Some biblical foundations followed by group work around key themes and prayer for each other.