August 15, 2016

Stages of healing


The Christian life is a walk of being transformed by God from the inside out. Healing, wholeness and discipleship are all part of the process of us becoming all that God intends us to be. After thirty-five years of ministering to people in different stages of this journey, Lin has discovered five major areas which usually need attention: a distorted image of God, a sense of being, healthy confession, the power of forgiveness and the discipline of self-acceptance. This session will give an overview of these five areas.

Lin Button is the Healing Prayer Coordinator on staff at All Saints Church, Woodford Wells and leads their Healing Prayer School.  She has been involved in healing prayer for more than thirty years and speaks at conferences within her own widely respected ministry, and at New Wine Summer and ladies conferences. She also has her own well established  private practice. She continues to research and develop healing prayer in the context of both conference teaching, prayer ministry and counseling, Whilst the need for counseling and prayer ministry has become widely accepted over recent decades, Lin’s conference and teaching ministry has experienced remarkable growth  and seen increasing numbers of lives changed significantly. Her heart is to impart a biblical understanding of the human condition and through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, to set people free and on their journey to wholeness through the cross of Jesus. Lin is married to Ron and has two sons and six grandchildren.