August 11, 2015

The Church in Three Dimensions 1: Hope for the church


The Book of Revelation offers a vivid picture of both the world and God’s people during the ‘end times’—the period from Pentecost until Jesus’ return. In the first half of Revelation 7, we see God’s people under divine protection being ordered and equipped for the task of testimony that he has for us.

Dr Ian Paul studied pure maths at St John’s College, Oxford and applied maths (Operational Research) at the University of Southampton before working in industrial business in planning, manufacturing and personnel. He trained for ordination in the Church of England at St John’s College, Nottingham. He then lived for ten years in Poole, Dorset, working on the staff of St Mary’s, Longfleet, and in diocesan education. In 2004 he returned to St John’s, Nottingham, to teach New Testament and Practical Theology and was Dean of Studies from 2005 to 2012. For seventeen years he was Managing Editor of Grove Books Ltd and continues on the Board as Director of Publishing. He left St John’s in 2013 in order to write, research and speak in a freelance capacity. He now has a Blog called Psephizo, using the Greek verb meaning ‘to calculate’, ‘work out’ or ‘reckon’ where he publishes his own, original research, observations and reflections, often relating to study, teaching or ministry he is engaged in. His own experience in faith and theology is that, whilst being a Christ-follower is in many ways mysterious and irrational, in other ways it is the only way of making sense of life—in the end, when we really understand Scripture and listen to the Spirit of God, it really does ‘all add up.’

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