July 24, 2019

The problem of suffering

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One of the oldest and most common objections to the Christian faith is “if God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world?” This is one of the most challenging questions raised against Christianity, and much thought and consideration has been put into resolving it over centuries.

In this session, we hope to bring some key thoughts, ideas, and theories on this question to help you reflect on it and open up discussion for your own faith and understanding, with also some useful tips to help you engage with your non-Christian friends should this question arise in conversation.

Don is one of the students studying theology at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford and at the OCCA. Before coming to England, Don studied Marketing at the University of Melbourne, and has spent the last eight years working in sales and marketing positions in Australia for multinational companies such as Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, and Bausch + Lomb. He considers the business place his primary mission field and calling, and hopes to bring the gospel message into that sphere. Don and his wife Ashleigh currently live in London.