Event Applicant Terms & Conditions

LifeStream Europe Gathering, August 1-5 2023

  1. We ask all participants to comply with the COVID-19 regulations that may apply for Belgium, 2023 and are set in place. 
  2. We expect to receive booking fees paid within two weeks after your booking, but latest before July 1st 2023. We expect to receive booking fees for bookings made after 1 July to come in within 3 days of receiving the invoice by email at the latest for a reservation to be made. If you decide to book later than July 14th 2023 we would love for us to work together on finishing your booking swiftly and properly. 
  3. All cancellations incur an administration fee of €25 per fee-paying participant.
  4. Cancellations must be received in writing by July 14th 2023 otherwise full fees will be forfeited.
  5. Participant places can only be substituted like for like (i.e. adult for adult place) when received by LifeStream Europe by email, from the booking contact, before July 14th 2023. All substitutions incur a €10 per-person administration fee.
  6. It is highly recommended that holiday insurance be taken out in case of late unforeseen circumstances.
  7. It is recommended that full insurance be taken out for all eventualities.
  8. No pets are allowed on site except aid dogs.
  9. There will be official photographers on site at our summer festivals. Participants may feature in these images, which will be used for our website and magazine. If you do not wish your child to be photographed, you must submit a letter stating this to the Team Leader of their children’s group on registration.
  10. In the event of changes to the programme or speakers, we are unable to offer refunds.
  11. While LifeStream Europe will take all care to ensure that participation in the festival is safe for everyone LifeStream Europe expects all participants and volunteers at the festival to take full responsibility for their own property and all children in their care and accepts no liability for any damage, injury or loss. It is recommended that full insurance be taken out for all eventualities.
  12. Photography policy.

    LifeStream Europe reserves the right to photograph or film volunteers or participants and their children within public areas at LifeStream Europe festivals and events. Only official LifeStream Europe photographers will be authorised, and are recognisable by a LifeStream Europe ‘press pass’.

    Only distance photography will be taken during ministry times, and we will not photograph faces during this time.

    There is a section on the (children’s) registration form where parents can indicate whether or not their children can be photographed/filmed by the LifeStream Press Team during the children’s programme inside, if a children’s programme is set in place indeed. The photographer will liaise with the team leader to schedule an exact time and date for photography within each venue, so that children can be moved to the dedicated area at the appropriate time. Parents can send an email to info @ life-stream.eu to indicate their wish for their children not to be photographed by the LifeStream press team.

    All photographs taken for LifeStream Europe are the property of LifeStream Europe and may be used for illustrative purposes, such as for the website or brochures, for educational purposes, such as providing a visual explanation of the different activities that run during the festivals, or as a resource for future marketing and promotion of LifeStream Europe event