What we do

This is what we do

Summer Gatherings

  • We organise Summer Festivals with programmes for all ages. Join us, the family feel is great!

For leaders

  • The summer gathering provides a great opportunity for leaders to connect with other leaders within the international christian communities in Europe, as well as connecting with LifeStream Leaders, and leaders from our connected partners and (missions) organisations like African Enterprise, European English Aglow.

Join us for the whole event and receive a discount.

or join us for the Leaders day  and receive a free Leaders day, with a lunch provided.

We offer training

  • We provide support and training for kids and youth ministry in your church or community.
  • We offer worship development by organising international Songwriters weekends.

We offer a faith sharing team that will visit your church for a training day, providing

  • speakers and teachers for training, think of Prayer ministry, Worship ministry, Holy Spirit led evangelism, Evangelism through Arts and Worship.
  • a LifeStream worship team, serving on this day.
  • support in any way possible within our vision and resources.
  • prayer ministry.

If you would like to explore the possibilities and share your request for training, then please contact us.

... and more

We provide a place where we can engage with the questions & challenges that are relevant to our international communities and context: 

  • We build networks for prayer and mutual support.
  • We are interrelating networks, creating a platform where networks can connect.

At our events we seek to explore TOGETHER how Christians and Churches in our European context can find each other to stand against the strong current of today’s society. We believe that by working TOGETHER we can make an actual measurable difference in Europe.

  • In a Europe that is experiencing an influx of nationalities and cultures we seek to equip each other by sharing knowledge and experiences as internationals. 
  • From this knowledge and experiences that we share we hope to soon develop training material for the international context and for indigenous churches whom are now entering into a season of becoming more multi culture.

If you would like to support what LifeStream is doing in Europe, then please contact us. 

We see God doing a great work in our midst as it comes to youth and young adults. We love to equip, encourage and empower the next generation to stand firm in their International setting in Europe. 

Want to join in? Do not hesitate to contact us!