What We Do

  • We organise Summer Conferences with programmes for all ages
  • We provide a place where we can engage with the questions & challenges that are relevant to our international communities and context
  • In a Europe that is experiencing an influx of nationalities and cultures we seek to equip each other by sharing knowledge and experiences as internationals
  • From the knowledge and experiences that we share we develop training material for the international context 
  • We keep a conversation going and initiate prayer and actions that impact Europe
  • We provide support and training for kids and youth ministry in your church or community
  • We offer worship development, we organise international Songwriters weekends
  • We are interrelating networks, creating a platform where networks can connect
  • We build networks for prayer and mutual support

If you would like to support what LifeStream is doing in Europe, then please contact us at support@life-stream.eu.

Training Days

Training Days

  • LifeStream Europe is here to help equip, encourage and empower your international group or church in Europe by organising a Training Day together. Past training days were held in The Netherlands/Belgium area and in Versailles, France.

    We offer a faith sharing team that will visit your church for a training day, providing

    * speakers and teachers for training, think of Prayer ministry, Worship ministry, Holy Spirit led evangelism, Evangelism through Arts and Worship
    * a LifeStream worship team, serving on this day
    * support in any way possible within our vision and resources
    * a prayer ministry team

    If you would like to explore the possibilities and share your request for training, then please contact us on info@life-stream.eu.