LifeStream Europe

What We Do

What We do

  • We organise Summer Conferences with programmes for all ages. We aim to provide a place where we can address the questions & challenges that are relevant to our community. We invite Bible teachers, provide prayer ministry, share our testimonies and offer each other teachings and experience based tools.
  • We organise other events & training days.
  • In a Europe that is experiencing an influx of nationalities and cultures we seek to gather knowledge & experience from International Churches in order to develop relevant training materials (webinars/books), specifically for Indigenous churches to benefit from.
  • We aim to keep a conversation going by keeping our community up to date with current developments within wider Europe through postings on our website and social media so that we together can initiate prayer and actions that impact Europe and bring glory to Christ.

Training Days

  • LifeStream Europe is here to help equip, encourage and empower your International group or church in Europe by organising a Training Day together. Past training days were held in The Netherlands/Belgium area and in Versailles, France.

    We offer a faith sharing team that will visit your church for a training day, providing

    * speakers and teachers for training, think of Prayer ministry, Worship ministry, Holy Spirit led evangelism, Evangelism through Arts and Worship
    * a LifeStream worship team, serving on this day
    * support in any way possible within our vision and resources
    * a prayer ministry team

    If you would like to explore the possibilities and share your request for training,
    then please contact us on

    If you would like to support the growth of what LifeStream is doing in Europe, then please contact us at