Why Summer Gatherings?

Why Gatherings?

Our gatherings give Christians an opportunity to grow in God over several days and relate with other English speaking Christians, hear relevant teaching and be equiped, encouraged and empowered for witnessing to Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit in the particular place where God has put us in Europe.

For a taster:

What to expect?

Well… this year at LSE23, some things are going to be different then you were used to. Times have changed, LifeStream Europe is ‘becoming’, as Andrea Wigglesworth beautifully prophecied in 2014. 

The parts of the adult programme that will be offered in a new format are in ItalicWe will keep you updated via Insta, FB and our Newsletter (subscribe via link in the footer).

  • Bunk, camp or stay off-site
  • Programmes for every age group
  • Worship: all age worship and worship at the designated venues
  • Bible teachings
  • Bible studies
  • Practical sessions
  • Inspirational talks
  • Prayer ministry
  • Optional seminars, related to the theme
  • After evening programme
  • Fellowship in the café area

Testimonial LSE19

This year I was fully committed to be in the arts corner. It feels like finding a new ‘prayer-language’, an expression that goes beyond words. Especially when we did the workshop with the children I felt like everything in me was lighting up. I call it:Catching up with my God-given design.’ 

– A.B., the Netherlands