LifeStream Europe | LSE23 Gathering 'Together'

Imagine that fast-flowing river of contemporary secular beliefs in society, of shifting moral standards, as it is flowing through Europe. The current is so strong. 

And imagine the LifeStream family TOGETHER, united as one, in Christ, in Europe. 

And then imagine us getting into that river, TOGETHER with our arms interlocked.

Then imagine us rising up to stand, and standing firm TOGETHER as the people of God, actually weakening the strength of that current.

Then imagine us gathering TOGETHER people, who are being rescued from the current by floating into a godly, human fishing network of believers.

We are LifeStream Europe, a network of English speaking International Christians, interrelated churches and ministries in Europe. 
We are here to equip, empower and to encourage each other.
Our joy is to see young and old together in fellowship and youth and young adults firmly established in Christ.

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Ephesians 1 (VOICE)
Ultimately God is the one worthy of praise for showing us His grace; He is merciful and marvelous, freely giving us these gifts in His Beloved. Visualize this: His blood freely flowing down the cross, setting us free! We are forgiven for our sinful ways by the richness of His grace, which He has poured all over us. With all wisdom and insight, He has enlightened us to the great mystery at the center of His will. With immense pleasure, He laid out His intentions through Jesus, 10 a plan that will climax when the time is right as He returns to create order and unity—both in heaven and on earth—when all things are brought together under the Anointed’s royal rule. In Him 11 we stand to inherit even more. As His heirs, we are predestined to play a key role in His unfolding purpose that is energizing everything to conform to His will. 


from our

Andrea spoke into the future of LifeStream Europe at the,
back then called - New-Wine in Europe - Conference
A very timely NOW word for LSE 2023,
as we are transitioning into
'that which we are becoming'. 

A Prophecy for LSE ministry

Be brave now - Joshua 1:1-9
Andrea Wigglesworth, 2014

'There are some benefits to bravery, according to the Word of the Lord. 
Be brave LifeStream Europe (former NW-in-EU), 
1. every place your foot shall tread, I will give unto you. 
2. No man will be able to stand before you, 
3. just as I was with Moses in that last season, so will I be with you. Be brave now, be brave now.'. ... I had the impression that God was taking you by the chin, to get our attention: I need  you to be brave now. I need you to fill a leadership void in Europe now. I need you to cross over and arise into the promises that I have for a whole nation now. And I saw it, not as a little encouragement from the Lord. I saw it as a command.'