Conference LSE21

The Summer Conference 2020 ‘One’ has been postponed. 20’One’ it is; a perfect fit!
We will keep you updated, any questions can be sent to

Opportunity to connect on August 5th

Join us online via zoom for

  • an all age celebration connect moment
  • 19:30 CET
  • Join us from where you are at that moment
  • The ZOOM-link will be posted soon here:

The Blessing virtual choir

Join the virtual LifeStream choir with ‘The Blessing’

Testimonial Conference 2019

This year I was fully committed to be in the arts corner. It feels like finding a new ‘prayer-language’, an expression that goes beyond words. Especially when we did the workshop with the children I felt like everything in me was lighting up. I call it: ‘Catching up with my God-given design’.

A.B. - The Netherlands


Lifestream Theme song – feat. Rachel Irving

Joy Pomegrenade Kids Worship (Lyric Video) – feat. Tessa

Joy Pomegrenade Kids Worship (Sing along video) – feat. Tessa