that fast-flowing river of contemporary secular beliefs and moral standards flowing through Europe. The current is so strong.
And imagine LifeStream family, united AS ONE, in Christ, in Europe.
And then imagine us getting into that river, with our arms interlocked.
Imagine us rising up to stand, and standing firm as the people of God, actually weakening the strength of that current.

ONE person by him or herself cannot withstand the current. Only together we can, AS ONE, united.

We are LifeStream Europe, a network of English speaking international christians, interrelated churches and ministries in Europe. Read more…

Come and join in, let’s pray, start a conversation and explore what we can do… together!

Coming up

LifeStream Family getting together

We are currently preparing a LifeStream weekend gathering in October

  • Low-key programme
  • Worship and prayer
  • Indoor accommodation

The aim is to re-connect and to see together if a LSE Family Gathering in week 1 of August 2023 is viable.
We’ll keep you posted!

Highlighted: a beautiful LSE worship moment from the 2017 Festival!

It is well (cover)
LSE-Worship with Jemimah Paine

Worship support for Kevin Bodsworth’s talk ‘Anchored in Hope’, LSE17. Listen to the full talk here.